London Bridge Terror attack

London Bridge Terror attack, morning after, on Sun June 04.06.2017, 9.50
am, London, Borough High Street, there is still a heavy police
presence and the road and Borough High Street is cordoned off just in
front of Borough Market. Apart from plenty of policemen and vans, there
are camera men and few scattered civilians hanging around. I spoke to
one civilian who turned out to be the owner of cafe ‘Brood’. He said he
was right in the middle of it the previous night. After the
van that had hit the pedestrians had stopped and the men with knifes
came running towards his cafe. He managed to get their guests quickly
moved to the inside of the cafe and luckily for him and his guests the
terrorists headed elsewhere. He’d to spent the night in the police
station afterwards being questioned as a witness.  Now he is waiting to
be able to enter his cafe again, which will not be that soon.  I asked
him how he feels now and he answered: ‘tired’.  Poor thing, I think he must be still under shock. At present I live very close to the place and it was lucky that I didn’t hang out there myself.  My heart goes out to all that were injured and those that have lost a loved one. 

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Finally, the ‘Angelika Dusk’ music promo ‘Catfight’ has been released
and I’m now able to publish the set photography still images I took for ‘Blunt
Stuff’ for this fun production.  In production it can take a long time from a shoot to the release of the end product. 

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